A new modern company with decades of experience in the field

A new modern company with decades of experience in the field
BRAVA machining

BRAVA machining

Our company was founded in 2020 and is located in the picturesque town of Žandov in the north of Bohemia, where mechanical engineering and manufacturing have a long tradition. The basic concept of our company consists in the production of components for compressors. Thanks to long-term experience and flexibility, we can adapt production to demanding customer requirements. The creation of the company resulted in job opportunities for local residents and for applicants from the broader area. We are one team, which is why we believe in the satisfaction of both our customers and our employees.

„A pleasant working atmosphere, a good mood and, above all, the mutual trust of all employees and company management are our strengths, and therefore the motivation to go to work every day.“

Jan Brňák, Managing Director of BRAVA machining

Individual approach to each client

Cooperation on individual orders and large-scale projects

Personal consultation and analysis of customer requirements

Exact specification of materials and drawing approval

Approval of quality requirements for the product, packaging or transport

Offer of different variants in quantities from 1 to thousands

Production of the first samples with a measurement protocol and their approval by the customer

Production to order and for stock

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From history

BRAVA machining s.r.o. has a very young history, but a lot of experience, which comes from the employees of the former company Hoerbiger Žandov, which operated in the given location in the past. We established BRAVA machining s.r.o. in October 2020 and in January started the production of parts intended for compressor equipment. It all started with a small team of 8 employees who were so brave and joined our project during the global pandemic crisis and a period of great uncertainty. Over the following 2 months, however, there was a two-fold increase in demand over our original plans, and this allowed us to expand our team.

ISO 9001:2015 certification

All production takes place under a strict ISO 9001 quality management system.

Certification ISO 9001:2015

For me and Chart Ferox, the entire cooperation process was really pleasant and efficient. Here are some of the reasons why I can highly recommend this company:

Product quality: All items supplied were of high quality and met our expectations. The precise tolerance and quality finish were visible on each product, allowing us to integrate them smoothly into our equipment.

Flexibility: During our cooperation, we have encountered several situations where we needed to change the specifications or the quantity of items to be delivered. The company was always willing to listen to our requests and respond quickly to our needs. This flexibility has helped us keep our production process fluid and smooth.

Communication: Communication with the team at BRAVA was excellent. We were always informed about the progress of production, delivery dates and possible changes. This transparency allowed us to plan our production and deliveries without unnecessary complications.

Professionalism: The company was very professional throughout the cooperation. Their staff showed expertise and interest in our needs. Adherence to agreed delivery dates was always a priority.

Innovation: The company came up with several suggestions for improving the design of some products, which convinced us of their commitment and effort to constantly improve.

All in all, cooperation with engineering company BRAVA on the supply of machined items was very positive for us. Their quality products, professional approach and willingness to cooperate greatly helped us in the production process. We will be happy to continue this cooperation in the future.

Valentin Pisotchi | Buyer
Chart Ferox, a.s.

For us, BRAVA Machining is an example of quality, adaptability, and open-mindedness. Renowned for its precision and commitment to excellence, the company has seamlessly tailored solutions to our needs. Through transparent communication and innovative thinking, BRAVA Machining consistently exceeds our expectations.

HOERBIGER Vienna Purchasing Department

We have grown year-on-year thanks to our flexibility, resilience and quality business relationships.